Sue’s passion

I am new to blogging, I have had a passion for health and preventing disease since I was a teen.  I work in the health profession and see so much hardship as a result of living a life that leads to disease.  I have read “There is no money in prevention”.  Prevention is what I hope to accomplish; epigenetics.  I wanted a way to educate people about the research and reading that I have done over the years, that I believe could prevent much of the disease that we see today; such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke etc.

I hope to post on my blog some advise that I live by, recipes for healthy eating, life style changes people can make, and books, videos, and web sites that will provide people with the information that can help them start, or continue their journey to a healthier, longer life.  I am open to input and encourage all to keep an open mind to change.  Not all advise is good for everyone, it is important to make choices that suit ones own condition.  Science is ongoing, we need to keep more up to date in our health care.


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