Dr Stephanie Seneff

Dr Stephanie Seneff

Watch this youtube video,  Dr Seneff does a great job of explaining what some of the complications that can occur when eating grains that are genetically modified.

 There is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease linked to an abundance of corn, soy and wheat produced on industrial farms; widespread bacterial, viral, and fungal resistance from antibiotic and pesticide overuse and nutrient depleted food supply from over treated soil is causing a rise in cancer, lung disease, and chronic ailments associated with chemical by-products of industrial farms and pharmaceutical companies.

We have become a nation that treats symptoms with band aides like statin, antidepressants, and other Rx”s.  We are willing to do surgeries like hip and knee replacements on obese people who could get better results from weight loss. Diabetes type II is a curable disease; weight loss, exercise and a change in diet will often eliminate the decease, but instead we just medicate. 

High cholesterol is seen as bad; our bodies make cholesterol and it has a vital purpose in our immune systems.  Instead of looking at the cause of high cholesterol, which is a symptom of an inflammatory problem caused by the consumption of excess carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a harsh irritant to our blood vessels and cholesterol is the part of our immune system that comes in to repair the damage caused by the sugars.  Why do we medicate people with statins and take away our bodies natural defense mechanism.   Research shows that those with a cholesterol level at 250 or greater are at a smaller risk of developing heart disease and stroke.  It is The triglyceride level and fasting glucose levels that we should be focusing on. Triglyceride levels are a blood level that is an indication of how much excess carbohydrates we are consuming.  The worst case I saw was a lady with a TG level of 800, her liver was totally sclerosed like that of an alcoholic.  Sugar does the same damage to the liver as alcohol.

 I have seem many patients come in withe fasting glucose levels in the 200-300 range and still the only focus is on the cholesterol level.  Everyone should know what their fasting glucose level is.  The healthy range is 70-90, above 100 is considered high and steps should be taken to reduce the level; research shows that levels that are on the high end of normal for long periods of time can increase your risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and other neurological diseases.  There is early research being done that may link high glucose levels to children with seizure disorders, Autism, ADD, ADHD.  There may even be a link to high glucose levels and cancer; cancer cells need fat and glucose to survive.  Some schools are going to ketogenic diets to treat their children with neurological disease.  Cancer institutes are researching the use of a ketogenic diet to kill cancer.  For recipes that are in the ketogenic diet try “The Charlie Foundation”.  There  is a youtube video by Dr Attia who lives the ketogenic diet and is an triathlon athlete. 


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